K&K offers comprehensive support across all stages of your film or video project, from concept to completion.

Producing & Directing  

Scriptwriting, creative services, project logistics, story development, and on-location or in-studio directing for documentary films and unscripted video projects.

On-location filming

Specializing in filming in the real world and with real people for documentary films, doc-style content for higher education, non-profit, NGO, and humanitarian organizations.

Editing & Post-production

Longform and shortform editing, motion graphics, and post-production services for documentary films and unscripted video content.

Documentary Camera + Directing Reel

Combined cinematography and directing work.

Bringing the farway near

With production experience in over 10 countries, including UAE, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Guatemala, and Nigeria, Key & Kitestring specializes in filming in remote/low-resource environments and managing multi-national teams. We're passionate about working with clients to develop high-end concepts utilizing modern storytelling techniques for documentaries and video content that make a difference.

More than content

Observational. Informed. Empathetic.

Creating stories that inspire connection and understanding. The same approach we take with our films can be the right formula for your organization or brand. Over the years we have helped universities, non-profits, and NGOs reach new audiences, achieve new funding goals, raise issue awareness, and celebrate successful new programs. Find out more about how our approach can work for you.